Metrox-assets Investment is an absolutely unique and high-tech United Kingdom's leading financial management firm with classified expertise with a focus on digital innovation and Technology, Leasing, Forex, Start-ups, ICOs and IPOs, Stocks, Crypto Trading, Project Investment, Real Estate, and energy sectors, MLPs, as well as Closed-End Funds and ETFs. Explore More

Using the Metrox Card is like using any other card. All you have to do is swipe your card and the payment amount is deducted from the available balance of your Instant Metrox Crypto Credit Line. No hassle and no selling your crypto.


NAME: Metrox-assets

Metrox-assets Investment Store is a product or subsidiary of Metrox-assets Investment. We launched this sub company in 2022 and since then it has been a leading provider of properties, crypto mining solutions and hardwares to customers across the globe. Headquartered in a 1000 square foot warehouse in Canada, our team offers a wide range of services, from getting started with crypto mining operation to relocating entire mining farms.



Data Security
Our platform provides a high level of security for its customers. The company's servers are resistant to any DDoS attacks, as well as all traffic from clients to go through reliable SSL encryption.
24/7 Support
The best specialized professionals from Metrox-assets Investment will come to your aid in case business circumstances require it. Each Client of the Company can count on a personal approach in resolving all possible issues related to cooperation with us.
Trading Efficiency
The high level of training of traders and the use of innovative methods of analytics and monitoring indicative exchange fluctuations allows for maximizing profits.